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At Storage Assurance, we believe in mediating risk strategically for the benefit of you – and your tenants.

The Storage Assurance program allows the owner to operate their own insurance company. The owner is no longer marketing products of a third-party insurance company, but of their very own company and streamlining the process for their customers.

Many storage owners currently market contents coverage to the financial benefit of a third-party insurance company, and in return receive a small fee in consideration of the owner’s time and efforts. The small fee the owner earns does come at a price; storage owners are risking the tenant relationship by marketing subpar coverage currently being offered in the marketplace. The current alternative to marketing a third-party insurance company’s coverage is to rely on tenants to purchase renter’s insurance on their own. Many tenant agreements require tenants to purchase renter’s insurance to cover damage to their storage unit, another tenant’s unit or damage that may occur to their personal property. The number of tenants and the revolving tenant base, make it nearly impossible to properly verify and enforce the insurance clause of the tenant agreement.

It is our mission take this burden off your plate – and help you take your customer relationships to the next level.


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