Case Study

Company Profile

ABC Self-Storage Company is a small to midsized company located in southern Utah specializing in general self-storage. They operate two self-storage facilities, with a total of 65,000 sq/ft of storage space. The company is owned by two brothers interested in generating additional revenue for the business and, in the future, expanding into other local areas.

Business Situation

  • ABC is a highly profitable company, looking to generate additional revenue and expand their self-storage business.
  • Tenants are required to purchase their own liability & contents coverage while renting a storage unit, however, ABC lacks the resources to verify and enforce this requirement.
  • ABC offers coverage via a third party insurance provider. The participation in this program is not substantial and ABC only receives a small percentage of premiums earned.
  • ABC also lacks any protection for the storage facility. When an incident occurs, the risk is assumed by ABC and is paid out of gross revenues.
  • ABC is looking for a more efficient tool to mitigate the risk it has, as well as its tenants when they were referred by SRA.

Find out how Storage Assurance helped ABC Self-Storage create an additional source of income while providing superior protection for their tenants.



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